Slow Feeder Bowls & Lick Mats for Anxious Dogs

Does your dog eat too much or too fast? Is bath time a scary time for your dog? Well, you have the answers right in the palm of your hands or on the wall during bath time: slow feeder bowls & lick mats for anxious dogs.

The slow feeder bowl is a must-have tool for pawrents who have pups who eat way too fast and need to slow down. These nifty bowls can slow down eating time, keeping your dog engaged at meal time for at least 6 times longer.

Just like a human, some dogs eat too much and too fast, usually bigger breeds. The reason why is not known but it’s not a healthy habit for your dog. The reason why this behavior is dangerous for your dog is that:

   • Your dogs won’t chew its food properly causing it to get stuck in its throat

   • It could choke or gag on its food

   • When the dog eats too fast or too quickly, they take in more air than usual; this prompts the stomach to swell resulting in pain and discomfort.

   • This distress causes your dog to regurgitate and vomit their food or in serious case suffer from bloating or Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus.

On the other hand, the lick mat is used for calming effects during bath time or other distressful times. It especially works for highly food motivated dogs since you smear it with a snack that your dog licks off.

The mat works because it releases cortisol from repetitive licking which relaxes dogs. Besides this, it helps them digest better from the enzymes released in their saliva.

What is Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus?

Like humans, dogs have a stomach sac that resembles a balloon, when your dog eats too much and too quickly; the stomach expands due to gases building up.

This gas build up stretches the stomach lining obstructing circulation of blood to the heart resulting in death if not quickly detected by their caretakers.

How to stop your dog from eating too much too fast?

One way to prevent your dog from eating too fast is by using a slow bowl. A slow bowl is a dog eating utensil with obstacles that prevent the dog from rushing down its food during feeding time.

The slow bowl is available on various pet stores online or at your neighborhood pet store.

However, if your dog eats too quickly, and you don’t have the slow bowl yet, try the following methods to regulate their eating patterns

   • Place a smaller bowl upside down in the middle of their food bowl; this prevents it from eating too fast or quickly

   • If their feeding time is too spaced apart, change the feeding times and reduce the quantity of food too

   • Never allow them to go hungry for long periods at a time

   • Hand feed them on some days and use the bowl on other days

   • Some dog owners have also been known to scatter the food over a wide area; this allows the dogs to walk around to eat their food.

   • Give them a reward when they eat their food slowly, this teaches them the importance of eating slowly.

Every dog is different, but these tips have proven to help dogs that eat too fast becomes healthier, more energetic and happier.



How does the lick mat work?

Dog owners will note that when their dogs get anxious would lick/chew on their paws or tails to calm down.

The lick mat is a small silicone that allows you stop distraction in your dog during bath time or a task, but this lick mat also improves your dog’s concentration, relaxes them and reducing the triggers of anxiety too.

It works like a lollipop but in this case, shaped like a mat and it can help keep your dog engaged when home alone, diminishing behavior problems or destroying household items.

So just smear the mat with their favorite snack and the multiple grooves with keeping them busy until you get back home while keeping them active and happy.

Conclusion on Slow Feeder Bowls and Lick Mats

Finally, anxiety, bloating and behavior problems in your dog can be cured by simple tools like slow feeder bowls and lick mats. Another technique you can try out is scent games which helps them engage mentally and curb their anxiety.

For dogs that suffer from anxiety, make that trip to the vet to check for any underlying illness before opting for the pet tools above.

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